Anno Collection – the story continues

A family -owned Finnish company, SGN Group, has acquired Anno Collection brand and respective intellectual property rights from Anttila Ltd bankruptcy estate. Anno reveals a new chapter in Habitare fair on September 13th, 2017 where Anno’s new selection will be presented.

The lifestyle brand Anno Collection’s story continues as a part of the Finnish SGN Group. Behind the Anno brand, continue: in concept development and design, Head Designer, Pia Lehtovuori and Head of Anno, Vivi Berg, who have both been developing Anno also in the past. The first collection for the renewed Anno will be revealed in the furniture, interior decoration and design event, Habitare, on September 13, 2017 in Helsinki.

From Anttila Ltd bankruptcy estate to family-owned company

SGN Group, the company that bought Anno from Anttila Ltd bankruptcy estate, is over 80 years old family business. This expanding company acquired another remarkable business when SGN Group took over Hobby Hall from Stockmann Plc in April 2016.

”We are very happy that Anno has found a good home in a family-owned company that values long-term commitment and respects people”, comments Head of Anno, Vivi Berg.

The Scandinavian design, one of Anno’s corner stones, has charmed design professionals as well as customers, and the sales of Anno products during the past five years have exceeded 100 million euros. Some of Anno´s all-time bestsellers are Jalpaikka and Pandora woolen carpets.

“We see Anno’s past as a remarkable asset. Anno has strong roots and a wide clientele that knows Anno for its good quality and distinctive interior products”, Vivi Berg states.

Anno returns to its roots: natural materials and timeless design

The selection that will be revealed in Habitare goes back to the foundations of Anno – Scandinavian traditional elements, timeless and life enduring design and the beauty of simplicity.

“Anno will return to natural materials and to certain kind of intimacy and coziness. We want to focus on products that people feel comfortable to live with and offer the possibility to build one´s own home slowly, piece by piece. We want to design products that will serve for years, from one home to another”, comments Anno Head Designer, Pia Lehtovuori.

Anno Collection is a Finnish interior design brand that started in 2007 as part of Kesko Plc. Anno derives from Scandinavian minimalism, natural materials and timeless design. www.annocollection.com.

Anno Collection is a part of SGN Group Ltd that is a 1933 founded strong and developing family-owned company, that operates in different business areas such as home and recreational goods, sports, agriculture, environmental management, industrial equipment and snowmaking equipment. SGN Group has notable operations also in Russia and in Sweden. The Group’s Headquarters is located in Vantaa, Finland. www.sgn.fi