Kielo cotton rug 140x200cm | sage/white

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Kielo cotton rug brings a cozy and warm atmosphere to any space. The rug features uneven stripes created from white jersey yarn, and a beautiful color tone. Approximately 9cm tassels adorn the ends.

Kielo cotton rug is available in two different colors and six different sizes. It is suitable for both hallway and main floor use. The rug is easy to handle, and we recommend using an anti-slip pad underneath. Due to handmade production, the rug may have a size variation of +/- 5%..


Cotton, like all new natural materials, have their own particular odour which gradually disappears after time and use. All Anno textiles and rugs are manufactured according to the Öko-Tex standard. Öko-Tex is an independent research institute certificate that ensures the product does not contain harmful pesticide, heavy metal, or formaldehyde residues.


All Anno rugs are produced in SA8000 or Sedex certified family-owned companies in India. We have designed and developed natural material rugs in close collaboration with our producers since 2007. Anno rugs are mainly made from natural materials. As all of the Anno rugs are made by hand there might be some slight variation in size, max. +/-5cm. Every Anno rug is unique.

  • Size: 140 x 200 cm
  • Material: 85% cotton, 15% polyester
  • Colour: sage / white
  • Made in India
An everyday care instruction for cotton rugs is airing and light vacuuming. Heavy treatments might damage the yarns and possible special details, such as tassels or braids. Although cotton rugs are very often are washable, it is very important to read the care instructions before washing. It is also important to remember to wash the rug in ample water with low temperature and with mild detergent. No spot cleaning. Using detergents with bleach is not allowed. A cotton rug always shrinks during the first wash and might change its structure to some extent. This is a common characteristic to cotton rugs. Shape and carefully stretch when wet. Please note that all rugs that are made of natural materials will release some lint in the beginning. However, this will lessen after time and use. We recommend using an anti-slip rug underlay. Never use a rotating brush, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, when vacuuming the rug.
Professional flat carpet cleaning (30°C). Vacuuming. Air dry thoroughly on a flat surface or on a hanger.

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