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Gorgeous Henna Adel Bunny print wallpaper.

The wallpaper is part of the Anno x Metsola collaborative collection. The wallpaper is partially made from recycled materials, and the colors used are water-based.

Pattern printed wallpapers add character to interior spaces. An easy way to personalize and enhance the aesthetic of any room.

  • Size: width 52cm / 10m roll
  • Material: Eco Smooth, Uncoated non-woven
  • Colour: bunny sand
  • Made in Great Britain


Before wallpapering, check that the rolls are undamaged, and the print numbers, letters, and colors on the rolls match. Keep the labels for additional orders or in case of a complaint. We do not accept material defects reported after the wallpaper has been applied.


Ensure that the surface to be wallpapered is clean, dry, level, solid, and of normal absorbency. Prime surfaces before wallpapering. Glossy surface paint should be washed to a matte finish with a paint wash or sanded to make it more porous with sandpaper. Remove loose, old wallpaper. Remember to ensure surfaces are dust-free. We recommend painting the base in a shade matching the wallpaper when installing a strongly colored wallpaper.


Measure and cut the lengths of wallpaper considering pattern matching. You can also install the wallpaper directly from the roll. Ensure that the next drop aligns correctly before cutting a new one.

Mark vertical lines on the wall using a plumb line or level. We recommend using adhesive specifically designed for non-woven wallpapers. The adhesive is applied directly to the wall, a few strips at a time, according to the instructions. Be careful during installation to avoid the adhesive getting on the surface of the wallpaper.

Install drops on the wall using a high-quality brush and seam roller, edges together, butt joint. Wipe off excess adhesive from the wallpaper surface immediately with a clean, damp sponge or cloth. Do not let the substance dry on the wallpaper.

After attaching 2-3 drops, check that the wallpaper has settled well and is flawless.

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